Tauranga's physiotherapy and lymphoedema specialist

From dancers to athletes, people in good health and those coping with chronic ailments, the very young to the very old; almost anyone can benefit from the positive effects of physiotherapy! Professional treatments from a qualified and experienced physiotherapist can help reduce pain and swelling from disease, injury or surgery as well as treat conditions such as lymphoedema. If you are suffering from muscular disorders then a trained physio can help you to regain a full range of motion.

Kathryn Vickers Physio and Lymphoedema Services is Tauranga's first choice for effective and affordable physiotherapy treatments. If you are looking for real pain relief without the use of drugs, just speak to the friendly staff at our clinic today.

Feel better sooner

If you are recovering from surgery, illness or an accident, Kathryn Vickers Physio and Lymphoedema Services can help you to reach full health again sooner. By using a range of rehabilitation treatments, our expert physiotherapists can have you on the road to recovery in no time. To make an appointment, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.
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Treatment for lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a painful swelling condition that may occur after surgery or trauma or due to a defective lymphatic system. This disease can be treated with compression garments, exercise and physiotherapy. Kathryn Vickers Physio and Lymphoedema Services offers you relief from the symptoms of lymphoedema with proven methods that will significantly reduce any swelling and increase your mobility and flexibility.
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